If you have ever had a clogged bathroom drain, you are no stranger to the task of trying to clean out a toilet. In fact, many people will have to flush the toilet multiple times before they finally get it cleaned out, which is why it is so important to have a quality Toilet Drain Cleaner around.

Toilet Drain Cleaner

While many cleaners will appear very similar, they really are designed to operate in very different ways depending on the type of drain they are designed to address and the pipes in question. When dealing with a blocked toilet, always use an advanced toilet drain cleaner rather than just typical plunger cleaners that tend to simply sit in the toilet for extended periods without solving your problem. These cleaners are designed to penetrate the clog as well as reach the toilet’s tank to remove old dirt and grease that have built up over time.

A quality drain cleaner will also have several features that help make it easier to clear out the clog from the drain. One of these features is its patented liner. A good liner helps the cleaner to pass through the pipe and reach the clog from below. This is a big plus if your drain is in the kitchen area, because it can prevent you from having to go through the dishwasher or sink to clear the drain.

Another feature of a good cleaner is the ability to remove old grease, dirt and even food residue from the pipe and drain. These types of problems will be the hardest to clean out because they can hide under the drain itself. The more efficient cleaners will allow you to reach the clog directly using their suction power. This is great news since this will cut down on the amount of time it takes to completely clear out a clogged drain.

Lastly, the best to get a drain cleaner with is one that is designed to help you clear out any type of blocked pipe. These types of drains include sewer lines, water lines and septic tanks.

Whether you have a toilet clogged with old grease, dirt or clogged water pipes, there are plenty of drain cleaners available to clear it out for good. Just remember to use a good quality drain cleaner and use it at the right times to avoid ruining other pipes. That said, these drains may cost a bit of money to purchase, but you won’t regret getting the right one.