Pay per call advertising is an advertising model where the advertiser pays for the number of calls that are made by potential customers of an advertisement. Pay per Call services charge for each call made, per minute, or per sale.

Pay Per Call Advertising

One type of pay per call advertising is known as a broadcast advertising campaign. Broadcasts are broadcast messages that include a toll-free number or a physical address. In order to receive a call back from a particular company, a consumer has to dial that particular phone number. In this way, there is no cost for the advertising agency that placed the call to the consumer’s residence.

Another form of call marketing is known as a direct mail campaign. Direct Mail campaigns are similar to broadcast ads because there is no toll free number that the caller can call to receive more information about an advertised product or service. Rather, a customer must call a toll free number and give their name and the amount of money they want to pay for the product or service in exchange for receiving a product or service in the mail. However, the cost to the advertising agency will not be included in the amount that is asked for. Instead, the advertising agency charges the customer for the cost of the advertising and then passes on the cost of the advertisement to the company that is advertising the product.

Another form of pay per call advertising is known as telemarketing or cold calling. Telemarketing is a form of advertising that does not involve a consumer receiving a physical advertisement. Rather, it involves calling or faxing consumers to ask for information about an advertised product or service.

The cost of a call to a toll-free number is generally a fixed price per call. In this case, the cost to a company is not incurred from the point of view of the individual being called. It is the cost to the company because the call is charged at the time of the call order.

The cost of a call to a direct mail address is dependent on the length of time the advertising call is needed. Most companies use toll-free numbers in their campaigns to allow the consumer to speak directly to an agency representative rather than to another person or agency representative. Because of this, a consumer will receive an advertisement only once for each call, which in turn translates to less cost to the company.

Pay per call advertising is most successful in large metropolitan areas where there are many people. Some companies will advertise using toll free numbers in many different cities across the country. If an advertisement is sent by post, it will be opened by an agency who will verify that the telephone number in question is in the area covered by the company’s mail service. By contrast, if a telephone number is used in a rural area, the cost to the advertising agency is likely to be much higher because it is unlikely that the company will open each individual envelope.

For more detailed advertising, such as a television commercial, the cost of advertising is based on the number of times the ad is run. Therefore, for a television commercial, the cost would be lower than it is for a telephone ad because of the number of views. Most companies require three or more views before they consider an advertisement suitable for inclusion in a television commercial. The cost of a telephone ad can be considerably lower than a television ad because of the time required to send a message across to a potential customer.