Torsion Springs is the most common Garage Spring Replacement types available on the market today. Torsion Spring Types is often referred to as:

Torsional springs are the ones which are actually connected to a metal spring mounted above the door. A torsional spring unwinds and tightens as you lift and close your door. With proper care and regular oiling, you can guarantee years of consistent reliable service. It is also important that you know what is considered as a “Torsional Spring”, as some springs are classified as such even though they are actually made from coils of wire.

Coil spring, on the other hand, are torsional springs which are wound or unwound in a coil-like way. Coil springs can come in two kinds: linear coil spring. Both of these springs have their own advantages and disadvantages. The difference between the two springs is actually in the length of the coil (coil type) as well as its design and composition. If you find one of these springs too flimsy or brittle, you may want to opt for another type.

Coil springs also come in two designs. One is the spring that is usually installed into the frame itself. This spring is very strong and has a long lifetime. On the other hand, there is the telescoping spring which you install on top of the frame. This type of spring is more convenient because it can be installed wherever you need. However, this type is also more expensive.

There are also steel coil springs which are widely available. These springs have a great life span but the steel is quite heavy. Therefore, if you wish to have a light spring, you will have to purchase this type. However, it is recommended that you opt for the lightweight spring as this kind of spring can actually weigh more than two tons. to be used for your garage. As of now, this type of spring is only found in a few shops and is rather expensive compared to the other spring types mentioned above.

Lastly, the third type is the spring made out of the same material used in making steel coil springs – plastic. This is also known as the “Plastic Coil Spring”. This type has a good quality and a long life span, especially if it is manufactured by a good company. Although not as durable as the steel ones, this kind of spring is cheaper than most of the others. However, if you want a cheaper option, you may want to consider buying a low-priced steel spring, such as a cheap plastic spring.