“I live in New York and I have a new car key,” you might be saying. Or maybe you’re saying, “I locked my keys in my car and now I need a professional automotive locksmith near me.” No matter what your situation may be, our expert New York car key locksmiths are ready to help!

“I locked my keys in my car, but they were not the keys for my car. I believe the new keys came with my car. Can you recommend a New York car locksmith service that can help me locate the keys for my car, which has been broken into twice before? Thanks!”

“I recently misplaced my keys but didn’t realize it until I went to get locked out of my car. Can you recommend a New York locksmith service that can help me find the right keys to get locked out of my car without getting locked out of it?” If the above question applies to you, then we’re here to help! “We recently helped a friend of mine get locked out of his car. It was getting dark outside when he locked his keys in the car, but we were able to eventually find the correct keys to get him out of the car safely. He is thankful that we were able to help him, because without our help he may have had to call the local authorities to assist him in getting locked out of his car.”

“I recently locked myself out of my car. I don’t know how I got locked out, but I am very grateful that we were able to help this person. We live on a busy road in Manhattan, and we usually have lots of people come to call on us for automotive lockouts. We also have a security guard who comes by our apartment complex every evening to help our residents if necessary, but we don’t usually have to use this service.”

Many times, people need to replace car keys that have become lost or stolen. For example, many people keep their auto locksets at home, but someone breaks into their cars. So, instead of having to call their mobile locksmith (which may be several miles away) to assist them in getting their car keys back, they might just want to try to find their car keys on their own. This can save them a lot of time.

A car key may be locked inside the owner’s car when it is stolen. But, there are also car keys that are left in other places, such as a car glove box. When this happens, it is sometimes impossible to find the car keys without calling a local car key locksmith to assist them. But, an expert near me can also help in determining which car key needs to be replaced, even if it is buried deep inside the car. He can use his skill to open the door or trunk, reach under the seat, locate the car key, take it to his laboratory, cut the lock, refold the car key, or replace the lost car key.