A crystal photo frame is a unique photo paper usually made with a natural crystalline mineral known as quartz (or quartsitanium). The photo is printed on this paper with an inkjet printer and then coated with a protective coating. This coating is usually an anti-glare, anti-scratch, or anti-tarnish coating. The photos are placed in the frame and secured with the help of clamps or other holders.

This type of crystal photo frame has a unique advantage – it is cheaper than other types of photo frames. For this reason, they are often used to display family photos. They may also be used to display photographs taken by professional photographers. They have the advantage of being easily engraved or laser engraved, but they are also suitable for personal images crystallasergifts.com.

These elegant photo blocks may be made in several different formats. They are available in portrait format, landscape format, photo square format and digital photo square format. In portrait format, one or more photos are printed on the crystal photo block in front of the text, which can be an address, name or logo. Landscape format features one large photo, which can include scenery or other objects.

In digital photo squares format, a single image is printed on the crystal photo blocks. They are printed in portrait format or landscape format. The second option is digital etched, where a single crystal photo is etched onto the back side of the block, either using a hot or cold iron. This process makes these blocks highly resistant to scratches or damage 3dlasergifts.com.

Another option is to have the crystal photo etched onto the front side of the block. This makes the block suitable for use as a keepsake. When used as a keepsake, it is important that the photo be etched onto the front side so that the crystal retains the original luster. If this was not done, the original luster of the crystal would fade with time, losing its original charm. A keepsake also needs protection from harsh UV rays, which may cause the ink to fade 3dgifts.com.

One way to protect your crystal photo or to add luster is to have the picture etched onto the back of the crystal photo block. Photo crystal comes in various thicknesses, sizes and shapes and can often be purchased in single pieces, which make them ideal as keepsakes. You could even have the photo etched onto the back of a piece of plain or laminated fabric. It makes a great holiday gift, anniversary gift or keepsake for any occasion.